IT Projects

Experienced in both information technology and project management, we can help your team by fulfilling typical IT project management and project management support responsibilities, such as:

  • Preparing a project schedule; planning and sequencing parallel work flows; coordinating subteams to reach major milestones on time; and leading the entire project team to meet overall project deadlines together
  • Estimating costs in “ballpark figures”; developing a comprehensive project budget, indicating inclusions and exclusions; and managing costs throughout the project to stay within the budget
  • Interviewing stakeholders, analyzing user requirements and designing a solution
  • Managing a project team from start to finish to implement an approved design
  • Communicating with clients and users; and coordinating contractors and vendors who contribute to the project
  • Producing promised deliverables, including detailed documentation, and generating verifiable benefits
  • Handling related issues and mitigating risks
  • Analyzing lessons learned